Martina Bertoni is an experimental cellist and composer. 

Her music channels emotional and physical depths, while exploring the liminal spaces between perception of space and sound, through recording and performing practices aimed to expand and challenge the listener’s experience. 

The core of her work is based on deconstructing the relationship with her own instrument by combining acoustic sound, repetition, electronics and elements of improvisation.  

She started playing cello at a very young age, then her career developed around experimental and film music, for which her cello has been featured in numerous records, works and soundtracks. 

After releasing two EPs in 2018 and 2019, she released her critically acclaimed full length album All the ghosts are gone with the Icelandic label FALK in January 2020. Her second album  Music for Empty Flats has been released in 2021 by Karlrecords. 

Her upcoming album Hypnagogia is set to be released by Karlrecords at the beginning of 2023. 


©Sibylle Fendy/Ostkreuz

©Sibylle Fendy/Ostkreuz