Martina Bertoni is an experimental cellist and composer whose music delves into the emotional and physical realms, inviting listeners to explore the liminal spaces between perception of space and sound. Her compositions and performances aim to expand and challenge perceptual experiences and relationship with control, blending acoustic sound, electronics, generative systems, and modern composition.

Classically trained cellist, Martina developed her research and practices around experimental and film music, for which her cello and her original works are featured in numerous records, works and soundtracks for films, series and documentaries.

Martina's discography includes two self-released EPs in 2018 and 2019, followed by her debut full-length album, "All the Ghosts are Gone" released with the Icelandic label FALK in 2020.  Her sophomore album, "Music for Empty Flats" released in 2021 by Karlrecords, received critical acclaim and was recognised by A Closer Listen among the top 10 Ambient Drone Albums of 2021. In early 2023, she released her latest album “Hypnagogia”on Karlrecords,  once again garnering widespread critical praise.

Currently, Martina is immersed in creating new material inspired by her recent research project on tuning and generative systems for the Halldorophone, developed during her residency at EMS Elektron Musik Studio in Stockholm.

In addition to her artistic work, she is a Lecturer for Composition and Sound Design at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology in Berlin.