All the ghosts are gone is Martina Bertoni’s first full length album, following the release of her two EPs, respectively in 2018 and 2019. 

It is an autobiographical journal of a recovery and self identification. The cello is the raw sonic material for Martina’s constructions that feature complex manipulations and layerings. 

All the ghosts are gone, gets deeper into Martina’s investigation of her cello possibilities, by a stronger integration of DAWs, field recordings and Synthesis as primary tools of composition and live performance. 

The eight tracks want to evoke emotional landscapes, in which the voice of her instrument floats in dialogues with modelled resonances, melancholic reverberations and subtle rhythms.


The green EP

Martina Bertoni

This EP contains the results of my first ever residency I made in Turin (Italy) in May 2019. It is based on the idea of creating a sonic map of a place, the Royal Horse Staples in Turin, in the very heart of the city.
When I came back home I had this material with me and I was still reverberating with a weird disturbed energy. I was coming back to my home country after a long time, meeting new and old friends and sensing a general feeling of struggle at every level. A struggle for everyday life, for freedom of expression and artistic creation.
This struggling vibe came back with me to Berlin, and somehow I had to give it a shape and put it out.
This is how and why The green EP is born
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St. Johannes Intervention

Martina Bertoni

A Christmas gift for you all. I am not that festive person but I'd love to share with you these hits of new music I am creating.
This time with an awesome contribution from Hinrik Thor Svavarsson
To the next album.
With love
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In A Paradise You Would Be Happy

Martina Bertoni

This EP is a first release. Finally. If we might want to find a story behind it, we could tell this one. Here in Berlin I live in a very strange place, it is called "the Denkmal", the Memorial. It's a brutalist complex surrounded by a thick park,there's a lake, and in some parts it resembles a wood. It is said to be a place to live for War heroes and officials during the GDR times. Living here is sweet, far from the contemporary Berlin hypsteria. I use to come home from work at dusk. The wood contains the buildings, brushing away the supposed dystopia. On my way home I'm always welcomed by foxes, squirrels and hedgehogs...not to say bats and nocturnal birds. For me I call this place home, and this music of mine it's like this wood that welcomes me every night.
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